Contribution of the Project

  • a mean of increasing attendance of ski resorts
  • a mean of increasing attendance of the centers in tourism
  • eventmarketing mean
  • a mean for creating the teambuilding and teamspirit events
  • any combination of above means

Description of the solution

Systems of realisation and technical procedures allow any use of interior as well as exterior parts of these snow objects according to the specific needs of client or user.

  • bars, banquet rooms, lounge, apreski
  • accomodation sections, ice hotel, etc.
  • sauna with the cooling section, jacuzzi
  • audiovisual or multimedia spaces
  • presentation spaces, advertising exposure, showrooms
  • functional bank branch offices

Floor Plans

Ice Camp #Tag

Technology of Ice Camp

We have developed a unique system of inflatable forms for the realisation of snow objects with the circular floor plan under the implementating procedures.

We heap several times processed technical snow on the form by special procedures. Then it is mechanically and physically compacted into the compact ice mass.

Thus created space exhibits stable thermal insulation properties even at strong attendance and is able to keep “freeze condition“ in the range from -8 to -2 degrees of Celsius during several months of operation.

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Video of the construction of project

Donovaly 2012