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A group of wonderful people who stand together and support each other. Hard work and million of smiles.

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Activities on Slovak market

The company has made a research, development, trademarks, patents and industrial designs.

  • Research of facilities and procedures carried out from 2009 and implementation parts from 2010 in the ski resort Park Snow Donovaly.
  • The entire development was financed entirely from internal resources of the company, which accounted sales for eventmarketing services provided within this project.
  • Within the SR, we have registered trademark ICE CAMP according to § 33 paragraph. 1 of the Act. 506/2009 on Trademarks classified list of goods or services: 6, 16, 18, 9, 25, 35, 37, 41,43 since 2009 at the Industrial Property Office under number: 228943
  • We have two utility models:
    – under Number: 1000006106, Application Number: PUV50099-2012 of 11.05.2012 – CONSTRUCTION FROM SNOW AND ICE AND METHOD OF ITS IMPLEMENTATION
    – under number: 1000006116, Application Number: PUV50100-2012 of 06.11.2012 – FORM FOR PRODUCTION OF ICE PARTS At the Industrial Property Office.
  • We also have two patent applications: -under number: 1000006104, Application number PP50051-2012 from 11/05/2012
    – under Number: 1000006105, Application Number: PP50052-2012 from 06/11/2012 – FORM FOR PRODUCTION OF ICE PARTS at the Industrial Property Office.


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