Furniture and bar
made from ice

We secure interiors of snow objects with the ice furniture according to the client´s chosen functional use.

Ice Camp Technology

We have developed a method for producing and installing these ice elements. It is unique because the entire compact ice pieces of ice furniture are prepared in advance in special forms and transported to the installation location in shipping boxes.

Thus installed ice elements need no further adjustments and that reduces the realisation time and extending their functionality.

Thus prepared ice furniture can also be used in exteriors.
We can guaarantee its full functionality at temperature up to 30 degrees Celsius during 30 hours in chemical stabilization. Its functionality is almost unlimited at temperature below 0 degrees Celsius with regular maintainance.

I am interested


  • bars, banquet rooms, lounge, apreski
  • accomodation sections, ice hotel, etc.
  • sauna with the cooling section, jacuzzi
  • audiovisual or multimedia spaces
  • presentation spaces, advertising exposure, showrooms
  • functional bank branch offices