Required technical cooperation from customer

The extent of appropriate technical cooperation from the client is individual and depends on the location and extent of realisation and the technical capabilities of the client. The extent of possible technical cooperation has influence due to the overall cost of realisation.

For example:

  • secure an appropriate location for the realisation of the IC , provide the summary of temperatures and precipitation levels from November to March for the last 5-10 years
  • secure a crane to unload and place the container boxes with cooling technology and electronic center
  • secure a crane to remove the freezing container and container boxes after the completion and dismantling of IC
  • secure the sufficient amount of technical snow directly in place of the realisation of IC , or to provide a sufficient source of service water for snowmaking and power source 2x 400V/63A
  • to secure technical cooperation in the form of snowcat 2 – 3 times a day – the exact time as necessary and during realisation – not a requirement. Using our equipment will affect the pricing.
  • at the place of realisation secure the water source for 24 hours during the construction with the flow rate at least 21/sec. with adequate pressure, aboveground or underground regulated hydrant with the possibility to connect the snowing pipes
  • at the place of realisation secure the power source 1x 400V/63A for connection of freezing technology and electronics
  • provide storage spaces for the location of materials and devices in the vicinity of the area of realization
  • secure the accomodation for the realization team of 5 people during the time of construction at the guest house *** with half board.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are individual and on the basis of required extent and place of realization.